Wednesday July 5

When we arrived Frankfurt there was a local polizei already at the door of the airplane checking everyones papers. It seemed that they were looking for some criminal. When it was time to check our passports they checked first mine and the daughters passports. We had Finnish passport so no problems. But when they started to check my wife's and son's passports the problem about that idiotic residence permit started again. I do not understand why that residence permit was written only in finnish and swedish and it seemed that polizei did not understand either of those languages.

So the polizei started to ask my wife that how can you travel to Finland because you do not have a residence permit in your passport. I was very tired after long flight and tired of explaining once more that residence permit. So I go to that police and take the passports from him and started to explain in loud voice (in english and in german) that they do have a residence permit. I explained to that polizei that it says here 'voimassa' and that means that it is valid and the word 'pysyvä' means permanent. My wife was afraid that soon the police will handcuff Mr Kalliomäki and I will be really in trouble. But the policeman just smiled and thanked me about a proper finnish course and said that the papers are ok. So I just smiled to the policeman and thanked him and wished him a safe working day.

We arrived Frankfurt early morning and we had to wait our flight to Helsinki for hours. Children had slept properly during the flight (which I did not do) so they were full of energy. We found good places to sit in the middle of a long corridor. I just sat and let the children run back and forth in the corridor.

I felt cold when we arrived Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Our friends meeting us in the airport were laughing to me feeling cold. The temperature was well over +20 degrees and sun was shining and I was wearing my coat. We arrived home in the afternoon and the next morning I went to work. The vacation was over.