Saturday June 10

It seemed that I managed to adapt the hot weather, no excessive sweating today any more. I was feeling already very comfortable, no need to drink water all the time. My wife was still complaining about the hot weather.

Today we went shopping to the center of Iloilo and we ate at Jollibee. The trip from Amamaros to Iloilo was 26 kilometers and it took about 45 minutes to travel with a jeepney (it cost about 30 cents). One speciality we saw (and heard) in the Iloilo center was a Aerosmith jeepney. The driver was playing only music made by Aerosmith and he really played it loud. You could hear the music even despite the traffic until the next block.

In Iloilo we met friends that lived before in Finland.

Iloilo: meeting friends

In the jeepney parking for the jeepneys going to Pototan direction you could see wide collection of locally made jeepneys. The drivers were having siesta in front of the garages. Once they saw a western tourist coming with a camera they started making some posing and joking.

Jeepney drivers
Jeepney drivers

The trip back to Amamaros took more than an hours because the driver had to refill the tank of his jeepney on the way. And in Jaro we waited more passengers because the jeepney was still half empty. It was not profitable for the driver to continue with so few passenges so we simply waited until the jeepney was almost full.

On the highway there was another jeepney going on the same way, so the drivers decided to compete which one will be the first one to arrive to the next big stopping place and get all the passengers waiting there. Our jeepney was a little bit faster so the driver managed to overtake the other was and the prize was four new passengers.

In Amamaros I took some photographs of the yard and of the dirty kitchen and the house inside.

In the evening Julia was sitting on the bench under the trees and looking the traffic passing by on the highway. Manang burned later in the evening some twigs and fallen leaves of the trees.

Before going to sleep I still took photos of the small lizards running on the walls and the ceiling. I should say that mostly these lizards did not run. Usually they just stayed still and waited some insect to fly near enough to be caught. These lizards were really fast (faster than your eye) to catch some insects. The local name for these lizards was tiki. During the day these harmless and useful mosquito killers were living outside but in the evening they came inside the house. The lizards were very shy and they stayed away from people and were usually climbing on the walls and the ceiling. You did not need to kill the mosquitos from the bedroom by spraying some pesticide. It was enough to make sure that there was couple of lizards in the bedroom and then just turn on the light in the room and close the door. After about 30 minutes all the mosquitos were eaten. The lizards were not totally silent. They were communicating with each other making sound like 'chick-chick'.

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