Tuesday June 13

Today we visited the nearest town Pototan. First we just walked around the center of Pototan (Pictures of Pototan) and then we visited the two market place in the town. The market places are called 'dry market' and 'wet market'. In dry market they are selling kitchen wares and other non-food things. In wet market they sell fish, meat, vegetables and other foodstuffs .

First we visited 'the dry market'. We walked around the market place and people we curious to know which country did we come from. Tourists are not seen so often in this area.

Dry market
The dry market

Later we took a motorbike ride to the wet market. Sitting in the side-car of the motorbike I took some photos and it happened that I took a photo of the motorbike we later used to travel back to Amamaros.

Tricycle in Pototan

We walked around 'the wet market' and bought some vegetables and fruits.

Wet market
The wet market

The way back home was quite speedy: the speed of the motorbike was 70-80 Km/h. I sat in the side-car with our 4-year-old daughter. With my other hand I was holding our daughter (no seat-belts in the side-car) and with the other hand I was holding my camera and taking some photos. Some of the photos even were clear enough.

In the afternoon it rained. The rain clouds emerged fast and then it rained a lot but not so long. At least the children managed to enjoy the warm and free shower.

Later in the evening Julia played witch with Tiko. The grandmother's broom was this time the witches' magic broom. Tiko was mainly concentrating in catching and dragging the broom. Annabel looked already tired.

Julia playing
Julia playing
Julia playing with Tiko
Julia playing with Tiko
Tired Annabel

In the evening I went to buy some beer from the local kiosk. In that small kiosk they had even a freezer to keep the beverages cool. The prices were not so high (at least compared to the prices in Finland): San Miguel 30 cents, Colt 45 25 cents and Beer na Beer 25 cents a bottle. My beer test results: Colt 45 tasted like average home made low alcohol beer. San Miguel tasted more bitter and like a real beer. Beer na Beer was tasting slightly lighter that San Miguel but not too light. At least it did not taste rice-cooking-water like Budweiser (Budweiser mentioned here is US made one not the real Czech one).

Other beverages found in the kiosk were: Coca Cola 1 liter 40 cents, Tanduay rom (0.375 liters) 45 cents.

The local people think that only snobs are drinking beer and you just want to show off. So if you need to drink some alcohol then you should drink rum. But at least people in Amamaros area are not keen on drinking. During our vacation I saw only once a really drunken person in public place. This happened when there was a funeral in the neighbourhood and the neighbour was walking home late night after the funeral party.