Wednesday June 14

The plan for today was to visit the sister of my wife in Alimodian and also to visit some friends in Leon.

We started our journey towards Alimodian early in the morning. The trip from Amamaros to Alimodian and back usually takes at least 4 hours. First with a jeepney to Jaro and from Jaro with another jeepney to Alimodian in the mountains.

In Alimodian we rented a jeepney to Leon. If we did not rent the jeepney we should have had to travel first to St Miguel and take a nother jeepney from St Miguel to Leon. The rent of the jeepney was quite reasonably, 200 pesos (about 5 euros).

Jeepney we rented in Alimodian

On the way from Alimodian to Leon I took some photos. You can find more photos about Alimodian here.

The scenery in Leon was fabulous. Even we were in the mountain area the temperature was over +30 degrees celsius all the day. We spent the whole day just relaxing and looking the mountain scenery.

Leon scenery

From the house we took motorbike ride to the center of Leon. Two kilometers in mountain roads (sand not tarmac) with 125cc Suzuki (with side-car) carrying the driver and 9 passengers was quite an experience.

There is not so often jeepneys from Leon to Iloilo, so the jeepneys are really full. We were early enough waiting for the jeepney so we got sitting places inside the jeepney.

Full jeepney
Overloaded jeepney in Leon

More and more people were entering the jeepney but always there was place for the newcomers. No one complained even the people were already like sardines in the can. The younger ones gave space for the older ones. Many of the young ones were sitting on the top of the jeepney. People were talking and laughing inside the jeepney even two people were sitting on your lap. The driver did not give any mercy to the old jeepney so the speed was quite high. I wonder how the people sitting on the top of the jeepney managed to hold and did not fall down in the high speed. Even the road had many bumps on the way to Iloilo.

We arrived (alive) to Jaro and it was time to change to another jeepney heading towards Amamaros. The jeepney we took did not seem to be in full working condition. The driver had difficulties in keeping the jeepney on the road. It seemed that the steering had 'dead area' about one quarter of the circle. So when the driver started to turn the steering wheel first nothing happened. But at least we managed to arrive Amamaros without any accidents.