Friday June 16

Today we travelled to Iloilo.


In Iloilo we visited my wife's old school, University of San Agustin shortened to USA :) There was armed guard at the university gate and after telling him who we are and that my wife is a former student and that we want to see the university area he gave us permission to enter the area. To avoid problems I asked a permission to take some photos in the university area and the permission was granted. We walked around the campus area and visited even the gym before leaving the university.

Later we visited my wife's sister in her working place (hardware store) in the center of Iloilo. We planned the coming sunday trip to the beach. Because it seemed that so many relatives and friends was coming along so we decided to rent two jeepneys, one from Amamaros and one from Iloilo.

Before going back home to Amamaros we bought some groceries in the city.