Saturday June 17

In the morning we went to see the farm in Casalsagan. The old home farm of my wife was located in Casalsagan about 5 kilometers from Amamaros. First we travelled with jeepney but the last 1.5 kilometers was narrow country road where jeepneys did not travel. There was a stop of bikes on the side of the highway so we hired two boys to bring us to the farm with their bikes.

The bikers were local boys that were earning pocket money with their bike service. The first boy said that he can manage to bring all of us (two adults and two children). But we decided to hire also the other boy so he could also earn some.

Going to farm in Casalsagan

The farm house in Casalsagan is made of bambu like all other houses in that area. The house consists of a kitchen, combined storage and work room in the basement and a separate bedroom build off the ground in the second floor. The house has galvanized iron roof and also electric.

The farm house was surrounded with large rice fields. There was also a river near the farm. You could even catch fish there.

In the afternoon we travelled back to Amamaros using the services of the local motorbike owner.

Later in the same afternoon we already started to gather all the needed things for the Sunday's beach trip. We bought all kinds of juices for the children and beer for the adults. It was not so easy to buy bigger amount of beer because of the limited storages of the local kiosks. We empty beer supplies of two kiosks before we managed to get two cases of beer.