Sunday June 18

We woke up early morning (5am) and started to pack the things needed for the beach trip. The jeepney arrived early enough before the scheduled departure time (5:30am) so we had plenty of time to pack all the things in the jeepney. We started our journey towards the beach exactly 5:30am.

Jeepney we rented for a day

We had arranged that we will meet the people coming from Alimodian in Jaro 7am. We arrived in Jaro before 7am but there was no one waiting for us. While we were waiting the Alimodian people my wife bought a rocking-chair to her mother from a local carpenter in Jaro. The Alimodians arrived Jaro about half an hour late.

We travelled to our destination San Joaquin through Miagao. On the way we saw also a graveyard that differed from the ones we have used to see here in Finland. The graves were concrete containers on the ground.


We arrived San Joaquin after one stop in a market place (we bought some shrimps, fish and squid) just after half past eight. We were one of the early ones in the beach so we could choose the hut (or cooking place) we wanted. The cooking place cost and the entrance to the beach (18 persons) was 480 pesos.

We spent the whole day on the beach swimming, eating, drinking. There was plenty of sunshine and food but there was shortage of beverages (for adults) around midday. So we went and bought some more San Miguel and couple of bottles of Tanduay rum.

We left the beach about 2:30pm and the journey back to Amamaros took about two hours. The only stops on the way home were in Miagao when I took some photos and near Iloilo when Rovic noticed that his bladder was full.