Thursday June 22

Annabel tried to carry Tiko by dragging its skin. The dog did not much like that so it bite a bit Annabel. It was not a big bite only a small scratch in the hand but to make sure we let the local doctor to check the hand. Pototan hospital was only couple of kilometers away so we visited there.

The doctor decided to give an additional tetanus vaccination. And when my wife said that also Julia has got some scratches (maybe from the dog's nails) when playing with the dog, the doctor asked to bring Julia also to have the same vaccination.

Tiko was already used to sit in the rocking chair with Julia and it seemed that the dog really enjoyed it.

Julia and Tiko
Julia and Tiko the dog

The rest of the day we just relaxed in Amamaros sitting in the rocking chair and looking the traffic passing by on the highway. My wife visited the nearby kiosk with the children and bought some beverages, Coca Cola for the children and San Miguel and Beer na Beer to the father.

Local kiosk
Local kiosk

Later in the evening the children played in the living room with brooms and Jeofre showed some breakdance. After some evening snack and wash it was time to go to sleep. Additional pictures.