Saturday June 24

San Juan (Midsummer) in the Philippines. The Midsummer is celebrated in the Philippines quite same way as in Finland. People are gathering near the lakes (or the sea). Drinking and bonfires are main issue on Midsummer like in Finland also. But I found two differencies. In Finland many is drowning (going drunk with the boat), but in Philippines people seem to be more wise, they stay in the beach. But then they make fights and stab with knives. So the result is the same, many dead ones every year, only the cause of the dead differs. And another differency is the time of the celebration. In Finland people are celebrating in Midsummer eve, in Philippines in Midsummer (one day later).

In the morning my wife's niece Marnie Dejando visited in Amamaros. Our daughters had fun to play with their cousin. Julia tried to use some english to explain things to Marnie.

Marnie Dejando
Marnie with Julia, Annabel peeking from the window

We celebrated Midsummer grilling and relaxing. We grilled some corns and sausages using our small chinese made grill. The children drank some lemonade and juice and there was a plastic bag full of San Miguel reserved for the father :) There was no mustard available only some banana ketchup which was too sweet to put on the sausage. But that banana ketchup was excellent with toasted bread.

Midsummer grilling
Midsummer grilling
Midsummer grilling
Midsummer celebration