Sunday June 25

The starting of the day was not promising: my wife had sore eyes. She visited the local doctor in Pototan and get some medication for the infection. I started to wonder what will happen if we can not travel tomorrow. We had already booked flight tickets for tomorrow and the hotel room in Manila was already reserved.

During the day my wife's sister (Elisa Gison) and her family visited us.

Gison family
Gison family visited us

With Danilo (Elisa's husband) and Michael (Elisa's and Danilo's son) we had a long talk about the living in the Philippines compared to Finland. In Finland a cleaner is earning as much as a doctor in the Philippines. Also the level of taxation and the prices was a chock to Danilo and Michael. We all agreed that Finland is very expensive place. But Danilo mentioned that even the taxation is high in Finland the comparing is not easy. In Finland there are many free or low-priced services provided by the goverment or a city (health care system, social security, day care of the children,..). In the Philippines the taxation level is very low but then there is no public services. In the Philippines if you get sick you really need money to get service in the hospital.

Annabel and Julia
Annabel and Julia