Monday June 26

We packed our things and get ourselves ready to go to the airport. We had ordered a jeepney to get us and our luggage to the airport. The jeepney arrived as promised and we travelled to the airport.

Ready to go to the airport
Ready to go to the airport

Elena had still very infected eyes (very red) and in the morning Julia complained that her other eye feels itching. I felt as I had some sand in my eyes but I did not dare to scratch the eyes otherwise they would become very red.

In the airport we bring our luggage the the service desk and everything was fine until some of the airport official noticed Elena's sore eyes. The airport officials demanded a doctor's certificate that Elena can travel with sore eyes. So we noticed that we sure will miss our flight from Iloilo to Manila. We went to Philippine Airline office and explained the situation. They gave us open tickets so we can travel any time. They said that usually there is vacant places in all the flights. Elena and Julia took a taxi and they travelled to the doctor. We stayed in the airport and waited them to come back with the doctor's paper.

My wife came back with the demanded doctor's certificate. We showed the paper to the officials and the answer was: The eyes are still red so no boarding to the flight. They wrote to all our tickets: "no pass, sore eyes". My feelings can be described: Tough luck, you loose... game over...

We took our luggage and started to look for transportation back to Amamaros. We took a local taxi and the driver convinced us that all our luggage can fit in his small taxi. It looked quite funny when the driver tied the lid of the trunk with the electric cable of the tail lights.

Last week of my vacation and after a week I should be already in my working place in Finland. All the plans totally messed up because of the sore eyes.