Tuesday June 27

Not a good morning... I woke up and could not open the other eye at all. The eye balls were totally red. Terrible pain when trying to move the eyes. It felt like the eyes were full of small cuts. Elena and Julia had still red eyes but the medication had started to work already, no pain. Also Annabel's other eye was little infected.

Today I and Annabel went to the doctor. Elena guided us to the eye doctor that she had visited a day earlier.

In the medical center we waited our turn about 15 minutes. The eye doctor Karen Y. Rivera-Francia spoke very fluent english. It seemed that she had been studying in US for some years (many diplomas in the wall). I asked if she could write a certificate about our visit and the diagnosis. I had a feeling that for sure we will be needing that kind of paper.

After visiting doctor and pharmasist we travelled back to Amamaros.

Manang (sister-in-law) travelled to Pototan to call to Manila. We had tickets for today's Lufthansa flight from Manila to Frankfurt and to Helsinki. But we were still in Amamaros because of the sore eyes. Luckily my sister-in-law's husband had friends in the airport in Manila. So we managed to change our tickets to the next available Lufthansa flight (next week). Lufthansa said that they will charge 400 USD of changing the tickets. We should get the tickets from Lufthansa Manila office a day before the flight. We asked my sister-in-law in Manila to reserve us a hotel room from Sunday to Tuesday.

I had brought my portable telephone from Finland to be used in emergency situations. And now it was time to use it. First I called to my insurance company and asked some advice. Then I called to my boss that I am still in the Philippines and that I will need to extend my vacation. My boss find some positive thing in our situation: "At least you are not in the island of Jolo as a hostage" (at that time there was a hostage situation in Jolo island and among the hostages there were two Finnish men).