Monday June 5

We arrived Helsinki-Vantaa airport two hours before our flight was scheduled. So we had plenty of time to go around and check the shops.

Flight to Frankfurt with Lufthansa Airbus (Airbus 319-100) was never-to-be-forgotten. The pilot announced already before take-off that we are going to flight through a thunderstorm area and that the flight is going to be very bumpy and shaky. And indeed the pilot was very right. Lots of turbulence, air-pockets and lightning on the way towards Frankfurt. On the jumpiest point of the flight some older ladies were already crossing their hands for praying. But our daughters Julia and Annabel were just enjoying the flight. They just laughed and yelled and said that it is just like in amusement park ride.

Lufthansa Airbus 319-100

We arrived the rainy Frankfurt about as scheduled. The Franfurt airport terminal building was not so waterproof. The roof was leaking in many places. It took a while before we managed to find places to sit and wait. We waited couple of hours for our 11 hours flight to Manila with Lufthansa Boeing 747-400.

Lufthansa Boeing 747-400