Tuesday June 6

Flight to Manila was very long at least I felt so because I could not sleep properly in the chair. Luckily the children managed to sleep well in the airplane.

We arrived Manila 4.20 pm local time. From the airport we took the transportation arranged by the hotel (Philippine Village Hotel). The hot, moist and not so fresh air slapt against the face immediately when we walked out of the airconditioned terminal building. The feeling was the same as stepping into finnish smoke-sauna (savusauna). Luckily the taxi taking us to the hotel was airconditioned.

Philippine Village Hotel
Philippine Village Hotel

We stayed one night in Philippine Village Hotel that should have been something else than lower class hotel (Room with double bed and with 50% discount was 103 USD/night). The room was relatively small and we found three cockroaches in the room. Luckily our plan was only to stay over night in that hotel and to continue next morning our journey towards Iloilo.

Philippine Village Hotel room
Philippine Village Hotel room

The hotel was located near the international airport. The view from the window was straight to the airport area. Even the airport was so near there was almost no disturbing noise coming from the airport.

View from the hotel room

In the evening my wife's sister and her family visited us in the hotel.

Andrada family
Andrada family and our daughters

We went with them to see the evening life of Manila and ate something in the local McDonald's.

McDonald's Manila
McDonald's in Manila