Thursday June 8

During the day the local icecream delivery bike was circling around in the neighbourhood and we decided to buy some icecream. All liked the icecream.

Icecream seller
Icecream seller

During the afternoon we walked in the neighbourhood. First we walked about one kilometer along the highway towards Pototan. Near the road the local people were building a statue of a saint. The shrine was not yet ready. The statue was already standing on the top of a big rock but the stairs leading up were still missing. We climbed up to the statue (it was relatively easy to climb up on the back side of the rock). The view up there was wonderful.

Matanoia Hill, Amamaros, Pototan
View from Metanoia Hill

From the shrine were walked along a narrow footpath. We walked through thick and high grass. In the middle of this jungle was one bamboo house. There was no proper road to this house only a narrow footpath. We continued this footpath further and arrived to a more or less proper road. This narrow road led us back home. My mother-in-law was already waiting us near the small shop. Pictures here.