Saturday June 10

Today we did nothing special in the morning, just relaxing in Amamaros. I started the laptop and the children started to play sims2. Afternoon the manicurist that was living near came to take care of the nails of the ladies.

Taking care of the nails

Later afternoon we went for a walk. The neighbour came with us to the Jesus monument called Metanoia Hill. She had keys to the gate so we managed to climb the stairs up to the huge monument.

Metanoia Hill
At the gate to Metanoia Hill
Metanoia Hill
Metanoia Hill: climbing up
Metanoia Hill
On the top of Metanoia Hill

In the evening I was talking and drinking beer with my wife's brother Demetrio and my wife's sister's husband Joaquin. We sat in the backyard and enjoy the cold beer. Joaquin was not a beer drinker so he left to sleep after two bottles of beer. I continued chatting and drinking with Demetrio. My wife and her sister even get us more beer from the local kiosk. After we had emptied multiple bottles of beers Demetrio decided that it was his time to go to sleep as he still could walk.

During the night our children said that there is some noise outside. They said that it seems that uncle is throwing up. Too much beer I said.