Thursday June 15

In the morning we visited an internet cafe. On the way from the hotel to the internet cafe I noticed that I was not feeling normal. I felt a bit tired and I was sweating a lot. We stayed about an hour in the internet cafe. It cost 40 pesos an hour to use the internet.

About noon we were planning to go for a boat trip around the island. We were already near the beach when I said to the others that I must visit the toilet. So I went back to the hotel. I really did not feel good.

I visited the toilet and felt really bad. After vomiting I went back to the beach and told the others that I was not in a condition to go for a boat trip. I said I will go back to the hotel and rest. So the others went for a boat trip and I went back to the hotel.

Later when the others arrived from the boat trip we were planning to go and eat. But I said that I really did not feel to eat anything. So I stayed in the hotel room and the others went to eat.

In the evening I felt even worse. My temperature had risen to over 39 degrees celsius. So we decided to visit the local doctor.

I went to a local doctor for checkup. He checked my stomach, measured by temperature and blood pressure. I got a prescription for the needed medicine. The helper in the medical center went to a local pharmacy and brought me the medicine. So I did not need to go myself to look for the pharmacy.