Sunday June 18

We left Boracay about 11am. First we travelled with a motorbike with sidecar from the hotel to the harbour. From the harbour we travelled with a boat to main land. In the end of the boat trip we had to ford to the beach. This time the water was not deep, only below knees.

We decided to join with Kiiskinen family to travel back to Amamaros. Our vehicle Nissan Urvan was equipped with enough seats for all. There was seats in five rows: 2+3+3+3+3.

On the way to Amamaros Cristal felt sick and vomited couple of times. Lara and Julia relaxed during the way home.

Lara and Julia

This time our driver was faster and the car was better than our way from Amamaros to Boracay. The taxi we had used to travel from Amamaros to Caticlan seemed not to have any suspension at all and the shock absorbers had seen their better days.

On our way back the police stopped us on the highway. Our driver said that the van was in family use and not in commercial use. He said that he is only transporting relatives which was about the truth because the driven was a relative of Kiiskinen family. The police peeked inside the car and saw some pale western faces. The police smiled and said that everything is okay.

It took total of 3 hours and 45 minutes to travel from Caticlan to Amamaros. We paid 3500 pesos to the driver and I gave also some hundreds pesos extra because of fast and smooth drive.

Back in Amamaros
Back in Amamaros