Monday June 19

Today we just relaxed in Amamaros.

During the day we heard a huge bang on the road. Two tyres of a big truck had exploded. Full speed and huge load compared to bump in the road caused the worn out tyres to give their air out.

The driver and the co-driver started to change tyres. It looked very dangerous. They used a small jack to lift the truck and put some lumber to keep the truck up. Only some lumber seemed to hold the fully loaded truck up when they take to damaged tyres to be fixed. They had only one spare tyre so the co-driver had to go to the nearest tyre repair shop to fix the tyre.

Broken tyre

In the evening grandmother and the children made some physical exercise before going to sleep.

Physical education

Late in the evening someone notices a big spider walking around the living room. The others were planning to smash the spider but I asked them not to. I ran to get my camera and managed to get couple of photos of the spider. The spider was bigger than man's palm of hand, of course the spider measured with its legs. After a while we managed to guide the spider out of the house.