Saturday June 24

San Juan (midsummer) was celebrated today in the Philippines. Morning we made some shopping in Iloilo. On our way to the shopping center we saw a local kiosk on the side of the road selling grilled chicked.

Grilled chicken

There was a quite new house for sale in Jaro.

House for sale

In the shopping center I had to visit several computer stores before I managed to find some empty dvd-discs. I was planning to buy one box of empty dvds but the store had stock of only two (you read it right 2 pieces!) empty dvds. So I bought their whole stock, two Sony DVD-R discs 54 pesos a piece.

In the shopping center we bought new school bags for the children and some clothes. Annabel also got a new luggage. In the food department we bought foodstuff total amount of 13 full plastic bags. The price of that amount of shoppings was reasonable about 80 euros.

From the shopping center we were planning to travel back to Amamaros with a taxi. So we went to the nearest taxi parking and started to negotiate about the fare price. Finally both accepted 400 pesos to be the price of the fare. When we arrived to Amamaros the taxi driver helped us to carry the shopping bags. So we paid the driver some extra of the good service.

Even the flies liked the candy.

Flies eating candy

We bought Jean-Marc a toy car and a bottle of rhum for Joaquin. Both of them seemed very pleased to get some surprise present.

Jean-Marc and Joaquin

In the evening we celebrated San Juan (midsummer) and grilled some sausages and ate multicoloured bread.

San Juan meal