Tuesday June 6

We had breakfast in the hotel restaurant. The breakfast cost reasonable 910 pesos for five persons.

Normal taxi from the hotel to the airport would have been 420 pesos. But we wanted to have a bigger taxi. It would have been very uncomfortable to fit five persons and all the luggage in a small taxi. The bigger taxi had to be ordered separately so it was more expensive (1000 pesos).

Our flight from Manila to Iloilo was scheduled 3:35pm but it was announced to be delayed and the new scheduled time was 4:35pm.

We arrived Iloilo about 5:30pm. It was already getting dark. The porter helped with the luggage in the airport and my wife's sister Elisa and her husband Danilo were waiting for us with a van. They had reserved transportation for us so we did not need to start looking for a taxi.

Danilo ja Elisa

We were quite tired when we arrived Amamaros. Our daughter Julia slept almost the whole way from the airport to Amamaros. We ate some evening snack and were ready to go to sleep. It was not so easy to start sleeping because of the hot and humid air.