Friday June 9

Taxi arrived to Amamaros well before promised 9am. We packed the swimsuits and other things needed for a day trip. Soon the taxi was heading to Racso's located in Guimbal. On the way Annabel felt sick and vomited couple of times.

We arrived in Racso's and soon also my wife's nephew Michael arrived. We had promised to meet Kiiskinen family in Racso's so we waited for them. After one hour Kiiskinen family with their relatives arrived.

Kiiskinen family
Kiiskinen family arrived in Racso's

We spend the whole day on the side of the pool. There was also a seaside beach near but the children prefer the pool. The water in the pool was quite warm so it did not refresh so much. The children really enjoyed the pool.

Pool area in Racso's

We ordered food and drinks from the restaurant to the poolside. Food and drinks were total 910 pesos. Additional drinks from the restaurant were as follows: San Miguel beer 20 pesos a can, soft drinks (Mirinda, Mountain Dew) 27 pesos a can.

Eating poolside
Eating time

On our way back to Amamaros the other front tire of the taxi started to inflate. We had to stop to a tire repair garage to fix the tire. While they were fixing the tire our driver checked the brakes of the car.

Fixing the tyre
Fixing the tire and checking the brakes

It costed 2500 pesos to rent the taxi for a day and we paid extra 25 pesos to fix the tire.